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Build a Rewarding Career with Tycho
Join the open, trustful, and collaborative culture of Tycho. Be a part of one of the strongest and most competent team of IT professionals and ensure exceptional growth in your career.
Learning Opportunity

Exposure to different, challenging projects provides our people an opportunity of learning from real projects. Our team comprises of experts in different technologies with varying levels of experiences which means there is always an opportunity to learn.

Flexible Working Hours

Flexi timings are a great boon for modern offices and we understand the need of flexible working hours for our employees. Some people wake up early and wind up their work early while others are night who become more active during the latter part of the day.

Everyday learning

Every day brings along a unique set of opportunities and challenges. You learn every day and that gives the much needed thrust to your career as you are more informed, powered with the latest and most advanced knowledge about the technology at hand.

Career Growth

At Tycho, we strongly believe in providing equal opportunities of growth to all. As an equal opportunity provider, we strive to ensure your growth – from knowledge growth to financial growth and more. Let us work together, grow together and succeed together.

Awards & Appreciation

Who doesn’t like getting rewarded? If you too do care for recognitions and appreciations, then it is time to join Tycho where awards and appreciations come directly to the performing. All you need to do is focus on your work and awards.

Work-Life Balance

The biggest irony of working in the IT industry is that you have to put your personal life at stake to maintain your professional life and vice versa. But when you join Tycho, you can be sure that our office hours will not interfere with your personal life and schedule.

Don’t Count the Days ..
Make Each Day Count for You

— Anonymous

What Do We Expect from You?


Zeal to Contribute

Enthusiasm is the key to achieving great results in all that we do.


Verity in Work

Being true to work is what makes all the difference in the end results.


Team Spirit

You should be a team spirit who trusts in coordination & cooperation.


Integrity & Honesty

Honesty is still the best policy and integrity makes it steadfast.

We are Expanding!

Our team is growing and there’s more space for competent & diligent people like you. Are you ready to take your career to another level of growth and success? Apply now!
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